ORO High Impact Foot Cushion Steel Socks-WS



– Provides comfortable fit and made of durable quality
– Can be used for any occasion
– Suitable to wear for daily use


– STRICTLY NO CANCELLATION OF ORDERS. Please be sure to your order before checking out.
– Our office hours are open from 8am-5pm to answer queries
– Please kindly refer to your actual height and the size chart and correct item before buying.
– Item will not be allowed for Return and or Exchange if wrong size is purchased.

Additional Information

Additional information

ORO High Impact Foot Cushion Steel Socks-WS

Black/White WS-A100, White/Blue WS-A101, Blue WS-A102, Blue/White WS-A31, Blue/Orange WS-A32, Black/White WS-A33, Black WS-A36-BK, White/Blue WS-A38, Black/Red WS-A43, White/Yellow WS-A44, Yellow WS-A45, Black/Red WS-A47, Violet WS-A81, Black/White WS-A82, Black WS-A87, Red WS-A88, White WS-A89, Black WS-A90, White/Red WS-A92, Black/Red WS-A93, WS-A94, WS-A95, WS-A96

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